tippety-tap…tipetty-tap…read my blogins innit!

A cynic, and pessimist, I wrestle the beast within me to see the brighter side of all things LCFC.

I am obsessed and fascinated by Spherical Athletics in general, and do enjoy when my country, Republic of Ireland, are winning.


I hope you enjoy the articles posted few and in between.


Contributors to the Spherical Surgery

Martyn Lester

Dan Clark

8 Responses to About

  1. Mighty / Spherical

    As you may well know, like you I am running a blog page & also a website as above.


    Would yo like to exchange links, as in the end we all support & want to promote The City?

  2. unfosseeable says:


    Just wondering if you would like to exchange links on each others home pages?

    I’m fairly new to the blogging business and will be improving it alot over the next few days.


    Also what software did you use to create your header design?



  3. Nick Carvell says:

    Are you serious?
    Sven is a charlatan, has been for years. He achieved many years ago but like the greatest song writer this country has ever produced, Paul McCartney couldn’t write a decent song if his life depended on it.
    Sven was spectacularly hopeless as England manager and has achieved nothing since. He came into Leicester, recruited any player a decent team would give him, immediatey played them in the team regardless of how well the current player was playing and managed a mediocre finish. He then set out on a typical game of monopoly strategy of buy everything,bought far too many players of average quality and then clearly showed he had no idea of how best to utilise them, and definitely no idea what to do if it didn’t work. He was building nothing, he had no idea what he was doing and no idea how to build a solid, consistent team. No other team tries to build two first team squads, the develop the core team and add to it where adding will add strength.
    I for one am delighted he went and struggle with those who say he would have got it right, he wasmoving ion the rigt directio when the evidence cearly points against it. 3 points off a play off position was more luck than judgement. What is it yu were watching wth him. Nothing he did made sense. I think too many people saw ‘2nd most successful England Manager ever’ which translated means ‘won nothing like all the others’.
    Don’t be fooled by what people think he is, rather than what he actually is. He needs someone to tell him he is not wearing any clothes and you need to see that he is naked. And he certainly ain’t no Emporer.
    This Sven falacy annoys me intensely. Let’s hope Pearson can put a team together. No idea how he will do, but he’s not Sven and that makes me happy.

  4. Nick Carvell says:

    My keyboard is hopeless, sorry about the typo’s.

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