The Puelitzer Prize

Another tepid and casual non award-winning blog entry in the long history of internet bloggins. Will this enter into the subconscious of fans, supporters, and my writing contemporaries?

Unlikely. I probably should re-read it first before posting it. Meh…

But as they say, if you don’t write, they won’t read, and if you don’t post then you won’t know.

Thems the blog rules, and if I don’t start with a self-deprecating introductory paragraph my carer and psychiatrist will assume something is wrong.

on the chair

My last post was over 16 months ago, the one before that a year ago. I’d say to some that’s a relief and probably two too many in that time!

So I suppose I have a lot to cover, and I’m sure you don’t have the time go over it all, so I’ll try to skip to the end

I did try to write something at least three times, and fell critically short of time, the moment had passed or simply I couldn’t be arsed. That’s not a very good, especially if you want to use the blog title before a red-top does and steals your clever pun-thunder.


The Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan

As I look at the strategy of the club both short-term and long-term what’s evident is that even the simplest change in personnel at the moment is causing meltdowns all over social media, it’s inevitable that as the shape of the long term plan unveils itself as we move forward. A multi-million class A academy and training ground project. This has been possible all because of our success and the financial reward that brought. But this was a temporary, yet significant, cash injection into the club. The owners have to be careful how they manage that finance, and ensure the investment back in to the club maintains forward momentum.

The obvious answer ensuring the viability of the club is protected, as it is impossible to find diamonds in the rough as a long-term strategy. Whilst we won’t stop looking, we also won’t be able to continue to spend obscene transfer fees to supplement the team improvement cycle.

An academy that generates the level of quality players that either can be moulded into first teamers is the ultimate goal. We need to stay ahead of the game and be able to build a strong enough system that perpetually generates stars that either grow to stature and stay with us, or develop with success and we turn a significant profit and re-invest this accordingly in the area that needs it most at that particular time.


Puelling Power

french tractor pull


It’d be nice and I look forward to a summer transfer window where Leicester aren’t linked with every player under the sun.

As along as our owners can maintain their steadfast attitude regarding contracts, and these are well managed, then it is up to the manager to ensure that the team is not full of individuals and they are motivated to play for each other and can either step up to the tactics, or they have the ability and desire to implement these.

A dream strategy of maintained success through efficiency and self-generated and developed profitable asset.


Puel My Chain


Puel was, for the last 3 months especially, pulled to bits on social media, and the papers and media were determined to prime the betting market to rile more and more fans to turn their back on him. Context went out the window, and it seemed the team was playing as it has done on the verge of each of our previous departing managers.

It is for me, credit to our owners for sticking with him, and having the confidence in him, to help enable the long-term strategy that they are currently fasttracking across the club.

It was obvious last year where we were inadequate with either quality cover or in need of an upgrade in player to answer the tactical question they being asked of them.

We addressed two of those areas early in the window and even some of those that dismiss Puel, can’t deny that these three are, in the least, decent signings. Okay they haven’t played competitively yet for us, but undeniably we’ve addressed weak links areas for the first team.

Maddison looks exceptional, has killer pass, superb free kicks and corners. Evans gives up experience and solidity to a bolstered defence, and Pereira gives us what we’ve been needing for the last 3 years; a bit of competition for RB, and some possibility of a formation change with higher wingback action.

Yeah, but we just sold arguably our best player!!!! WE’VE A BIG HOLE IN RM!

Well as I write this we linked with a number of players. Rumours for this person, rumours for that, and everyone scrambles to refresh their source of Rumour HQ to see if there are any updates or incoming signing.

I think what might upset some, is the very high possibility that we won’t sign someone with pedigree or high value, as we aim for a lower cost prospect. If there are doubts, I fear that whomever steps into the first team for that position is unfairly going to get grief, and not allowed the space to settle either to the league or the nextpectations of over-enthusiastic fans with little or no patience. It’s easy enough to fall into that trap of want, especially given our unbelievable journey in recent years, but we need to take a breath sometimes, and put our trust that the long-term is on track despite perhaps not all the short-term goals being achieved or working necessarily out they way we or the club wants them to.


Social Greedia

As I sit looking at the fixture list, and see the small number of friendlies available to us, and the short space of time that near half of the squad have come back from the World Cup tired, I am concerned about what kind of form we’ll start our two months of games with.

With half the squad in need of recovery, and then eventual reintegration into the rest of the squad, and key players at that, I express my worry that a contingent of fans will not give the players the slack that they will need as we bring the players back together and we present our strongest and consistent team selection.

Of course, context is sometimes lost in passion and in ignorance, so those who put down their flaming torches and pitchforks at the end of the season, may find the opportunity to rally and have their voices heard once more. That’s fine as long as they address the context and it’s not just a passionate whelp of unsubstantiated pointed anger. Perhaps they might see the bigger picture.

I’ll be ready to criticise and moan about aspects of the season ahead when appropriate, but I enter into the forthcoming when a sense of optimism, whilst might not be shared by everyone, I hope that those who do will join me, and maybe come back to read further blogging posts, and maybe give us a follow back on twitter should you choose.

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