Looking For Epic

I’ve been saving this title up, and was waiting for the opportunity to finish this article off, as it’s been knocking about and my inclination to complete it has been waning. So apologies if this is going to come across as critical, rather than celebratory. And sorry for banging the expectation drum once again!

I’m Having Illusions

I think we’ve been tainted a lot by the money we’ve had/have spent already under our owners. The immediate prospect of buying the league, and perhaps feeling short-changed by it all on the field, all built an air of expectation. The media seemingly fed so it that any niggle, or disappointment becomes exaggerated due to heightened expectancy.

Pearson has done his best to try and dismantle this piece by piece, maybe even player by player.

We’ve now got players who are hungry, have quality, but have less hanging over their heads of fan’s anticipation and price-tag-doomongery. Yes FFP has a fair amount to the reduction of the squad, but it’s a two-fold project in paring down the team to a solid skeleton of unification.

Epic Win?

We’ve just smashed Ipswich Town 6 – 0, a feat of a scoreline not achieved for nearly 30 years!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to take anything away from the positivity that this win brings, and the fact that Waggy has finally reached the back of the net with his recent accumulating efforts and hardwork. Even Futacs came off the bench and put one away!

So what does this mean? Does it mean we are a demolishing force to be reckoned with that can achieve this feat or similar any and every week?

Snapback to Reality

Well, firstly we were playing at home. We had a record of 5 wins at home prior to this match. Our draw with Forrest and loss with Palace seemingly down to referee decisions which have confounded the team, and the baffling decisions which have lit a fuse under the normally calm exterior of our manager, Nigel Pearson. Did these injustices and Pearson’s reaction set the team up to inflict some due payback?

Ipswich had a goal difference of -19 before the played, and I use that word loosely, yesterday. They hold the worst GD in the league table, which simply says that defensively they are shipping goals for fun.

We surprisingly had a penalty given to us! And thankfully Nugent converted this rare opportunity!

McCarthy said that he holds himself responsible for changing the defence, and he should be held accountable for this fact. Whilst there’s no denying that tactically that seems an odd choice, considering they managed a late winner at home to Burnley, and McCarthy changed his defence back to the same line-up, bar Bradley Orr, who were also smashed by a rampant Palace side 5 – 0. Lesson was not learned by one Mr. McCarthy!

This has been a wonderful positive boost to the squad overall. We’ve finally got some of the players off the line with a goal, and seen our players find the unity that we know they are capable of, but should we be wary of complacency, or will our fans now lose sight of reality, and demand this level of dominance in our games with goals to back this up?

I would hope that Pearson will pat the lads on the back and say a job well done, and plan executed to a tee. All they did was watch the Palace game, no doubt, and observed where Ipswich fell apart, and used our particular strengths to best advantage.

Dyer played one of his best, if not best, games of his Leicester career. Against an ineffectual defence his skills were always going to be cutting, and damaging. All we needed was a bit of hope that he wouldn’t lose position, his crosses would be on target, and we didn’t get a corner from his runs, as we know how they end up!

What was pleasing was a desire, once blood was drawn, to continue pulling for the jugular. Pearson, bar the cautionary change of Nugent, put on players who could do with a boost of confidence, and maybe Pearson saw an opportunity for them to possibly get on the scoresheet, and of course finish the game with a good amount of minutes under their belt with three points already in the bag.

Marshall and Futacs will be buzzing, and hopefully this will make up for the time they’ve been on the bench, and make them eager to try and get off it some time soon.

I’m trying to balance the positivity with the realism that always clouds my vapid brain through my thought sieve.

We should certainly enjoy a win that we’ve not enjoyed for some time, but with caution. How many times have we won a match with conclusive domination to demand the same the week following to come away disappointed or deflated? Playing away is a different kettle of fish, and whilst our away form isn’t awful, it’s not near our home form.

Next Stop OwlTown

If you read my nonsense blog, often or once in awhile, you’ll know I have a soft spot for the Owls. This goes out the window next week as we aim for the 3 points.

Wednesday’s home form isn’t exactly something we should be worried about. An excellent start to their CCC campaign came crashing to a halt against (at the time) a strong and dictating Huddersfield. Their form has not been consistent, but looking at results, they are capable of scoring goals, even if they’ve dried up at home at the moment.

So do we stand a chance of winning? Absolutely! But we need to put the Ipswich win in perspective, and not get carried away with the epic win, and looking or expecting the epic win.

I would think that from observation that Pearson will tell the players not to carried away, and will try keep a cap on any over-enthusiasm or ego. We’ve seen this in or outgoing loaned players already. There’s no room for big bollocks in the dressing room unless you’re going to show how use them.

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