High Risk Army

It’s been a while since I last wrote and shared it. I’ve written a couple of things but never put them up. Not that I was afraid of being critical, I just felt that it was negative and perhaps was too over-emotive.

I don’t think things have drastically improved with Leicester City, though the position we are in at the minute flies in the face of those who think this season has been a total waste.

History has shown that those who have made a late run and broke into the playoffs at the last moment have a very good chance continuing that impetus.

There are teams around us that are floundering at the minute. What the reason is for that, I haven’t had time to look at what’s happening individually for each competitor, but I can guess that at this stage of the season that the pressure, injuries, suspensions, and the desperate opposition they play near the bottom, have all conspired to give us the small chance that we’ve got.

Breaking into the playoffs would be some achievement, and having a reasonable squad with strength in depth is starting to pay off. I had hoped, like in ‘The Final Third’, that we would have shown this earlier, but changing manager wasn’t in scope when I wrote that, but I think is still applicable.

We all know what promotion will achieve us financially, but what can we expect should we make not make the playoffs/make the playoffs and not go up?


I think there’s no doubt that most fans we agree that Top & Co were playing a high-risk strategy up until Pearson was brought back. Some might say that it’s even a higher risk to have done so, but that’s been discussed to a boring death, and is currently irrelevant as progress will be need be based on the stats that are comparable.

It certainly seems that not only due to Fair Play, but due to the outlay and wages that the high-risk expenditure will be coming to an end. It’ll still be high risk to some extent, but we’ll see less of the Pantsils/Johnsons and more of the Marshalls/Drinkwaters joining the squad.

I think the owners will back Pearson, but we’ll see a number of players heading out the door.

Looking beyond next season is too much to consider when it come to our owners.

I think their main priority is to build a club that is making a profit, first and foremost.

What seems to me that is overlooked, is the money spent on the Academy, and the future expense of access to Category A players. No messing, our owners are trying to build a bedrock for future success, or at least an area where we can profit from in transfers. Ideally we won’t be a selling club, but on a business point of view the expense in theory should be less, as we bring quality through the ranks.


Could Pearson be accused of having a high-risk strategy? Some say that he has the very opposite. An approach so risk-averse that we at times we look like never scoring.

However, looking back, he’s taken the same approach as he did at Hull. They scored goals and were tight defensively.

You could in fact say that whilst away, he had an opportunity to experiment a little and develop a way of producing the goods in a particular way that proved successful.

Hull’s current departure of form perhaps shows that their honeymoon momentum has definitely come its conclusion, and that Pearson definitely brought something out of them that Barmby can’t proceed to match.

Pearson’s manner of dealing with ego and those who don’t tow the line was shown at Hull with Bullard, and he has done the same with Mills.

Not being one to delve into the rumours of what happened, as I’m sure there are two sides to the story, so I won’t. What I will say is that without Mills we haven’t fallen off the boil, and without out captain lost our direction. We were inconsistent with him in the team, and consistently inconsistent whilst he is off on gardening leave.

For me we need another coach to add to Pearson’s looker-room. We seem, in my view, to have a very defensive set-up. We need someone to join with an attacking sensibility to balance things out. Creative ideas to bring to the table. We’ve got talent in the team, but seem to repeat ourselves a lot on the offensive in certain areas. That might be addressed in the transfer market, but if we are looking to bring in bright players to add to the team, it be great to see them grow.


Well, we can’t argue that paying high wages and high fees have been a high-risk affair. Having a team as large as ours was at one stage seemed like a recipe for disaster. It could be said that it has, but I disagree.

I go back to my final third argument. There’s no point going through ifs, buts and maybes, but we are where we are.

In a lot of ways we have underachieved through the club, and the players have a lot to shoulder for the blame of inconsistent performances. A fair few of them have admitted this.

It seems the pressure has been too much for some of them. High price tag, big implications of immediate results, and the media gearing for us to fall flat on our faces.

With the results having gone down hill in Feb/March the media gave up on us and our disheartened fans did too. Expectations have lowered, the pressure is off, as the mountain to climb has to be realistically near impossible to climb. Reliance on those around us to crumble, and for us to pull off form that we’ve been unable to prove consistently this season at any stage the truth.

No one dares to believe. I think the players are showing their relief. The are showing grit, and with a bit of luck, might pull off the miracle of miracles.


As I’ve said above, we’ve relinquished hope of realistically pushing in on our competitors for a nerve jangling trip to Wembley.

We’ve been appointed high-risk, and I bet the owners were thinking, how appropriate!

We’ve yet to see season ticket prices, because if the club hedge their bets they could have egg on their faces. Until it becomes clear mathematically where we are, or until the playoffs complete, we won’t be hearing about them.

No doubt they’ll post them this afternoon and make a mug of me, but I’ll take that risk, cos I’m part of the high risk army.



Do I think we can do it?

Well it’ll be down to the players.

I am already preparing for next season, so if we manage to do the impossible, yes I’ll be just as ecstatic as everyone else. But with the monkey off our back, the players should be able to look at each game with enthusiasm and show their value and worth to the fans.

Yes I wasn’t pleased about Sven’s departure, and was unsure about Pearson’s return, but I think looking at the positives we might well be standing at the edge of an new era.

Could we soon be worrying less about losing our best players, and more about losing our manager?



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