Dannzy on the Ceiling

I’ve read on a random internet blog,  that in between the gym sessions, boxercise classes and my piri-piri cravings that Neil is an avid reader of books, magazines and newspapers. Since the well appreciated performance against Nothingham Flopists last week, Neil has been busy!

I managed to rummage through his bins, and I’ve found copies of these knocking around in there.

I’m not sure what those all have in common, but maybe he’s preparing for to communicate with the Italian captain of a wooden ship destined, with it’s laden precious cargo of fermented cheese, for a rocky outpost on the River Soar.

When not reading with the local book club, Neil I believe that he likes nothing better than hanging with Ted, Deidre, Maureen, and Pat to play a bit of poker. Nothing funny happens. I been told that clothes and money are not involved. They play for buttons.

These are Neil’s favourite buttons.

They each have names. (They are not made from little baby dolphin bones.)

I saw a tweet yesterday from some 5 year old who told @dannzy1 that if he score a perfect hat trick, (head, left foot, right foot), that she ‘was going to go round a sort him out!”, but I don’t think he seen it, as  she had misspelled his twitter name to @dunny1.

It’s amazing what twitter can do to people!

An insider tells me that as a music lover Neil was caught out last week when he stuck in his ipod in the dressing room and this came on. (He forgot to change his ‘for the ladies playlist’.)

Also the rumour that Sven used to come into the dressing room singing  ‘I’m the cat’s pyjamas’, whilst this pumped out of the stereo have yet to be verified!

It’s also rumoured and Dannzy has been making extra efforts to learn Japanese but yet to concluded as true, but I’ve heard that Nuge has been seen on the training ground wearing a napkin on his head in a bid to frighten him.

A little birdie tells me that next week Dannzy, Nuge, and Pelts will be on the spending a sweaty night at the Emporium in Coalville with Tron Guy. I’m not sure there’ll be a piri-piri breast in sight!

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