Fix up – Look Sharp

So I’ve kept my distance from the keyboard for awhile, because jumping to conclusions so early as I’ve said before can make me look foolish (more than normal) and it’s unfair to make statements without giving the team and manager a fair crack at the whip.

I was going to give Sven and extension to Christmas to see improvements, and maybe I should extend that to Pearson and Co.

Is it time to make judgements now there are a few games under their belts under new direction? Not really, but I thought an absence of electronic based thoughts would probably make people think I’ve gone into hibernation or maybe that I was locked up in a cold cellar with only a few tweets to keep me warm.

So writing anything isn’t going to be straightforward without drawing aspersions. Upsetting someone isn’t my goal, but those who were overly optimistic, maybe will now revert to blaming Sven, rather than picking on Pearson’s errors.

Gots no width

There’s not one person who doesn’t realise that we lack width in the team, from the fans, to the owners, to the manager, to the tea lady – we all know this is an issue.

So what do we read in a red top today? Well the owners will back Pearson in the market up to £10 million, and money is no object.

Is this another media entity trying to ruin our club with wild inaccurate guess work and fantasy speculation and retreads of previous articles with a simple name change of manager in the text? Probably, it all sounds very familiar.

If we think we got ripped off over the summer, take a deep breath before we step into January, as we’ll be added zeros to cheques signed in that month for sure, not for the want of trying to keep costs down.

Can we look to buy Derby’s only chance of survival from them without it costing us a fortune? Jamie Ward has been superb for the them, and the brightest spark in their less than impressive dour team.

There’ll be plenty of other options, but as Sven found out that wingers, or rather good wingers, are a rare commodity and difficult to wrangle away from teams who whilst might need the money won’t find a replacement, especially in an overpriced January window.

So is does Pearson go the route that Sven went, and bring in talented loans? Not exactly the best way to build a promotion contending team, but if it gets the end goal to become a reality, surely we can address the long-term at a later date? There was a lot of discontent about the number of loans Sven brought in when he joined us, though for me, Pearson isn’t one to pay over the odds, and we might see the loan market utilised, if greedy teams refuse to keep their prices realistic.

A + B x C = Winning

For me Pearson start to his campaign has been a good one. No one can argue that points wise he has done okay.

But I go back to my previous article, Empathethic Nextpectations, and reiterate that there was always going to be a positive bounce to the team. Players eager to impress, and players who know Pearson who can be utilised by the manager easily who know how he wants them to play.

But for me the time given to the old guard should be short-lived, and after yesterday’s lacklustre result, in a game that should have been 3 points in the bag we come away with a very disappointing draw.

Fernandes has shown his eagerness to get some game time and his potential value in the reserves and he got the bench today, and didn’t see the pitch but for his seat. How long can the other players sitting on the fringes, who aren’t here just to pick up a pay check going to keep their heads down and remain professional and determined for the cause? Yuki Abe must be feeling pretty unwanted at the minute.

Utility spirit

Whilst Abe can perhaps be seen as a utility man, who can cover RB, DM, and occasionally on the RM, we’ve seen little of him, but a substitute cameo appearance or two. Yes, Abe has his weaknesses, but he also has a lot of spirit and drive. The same can be said of Fernandes, you might say the perfect types of fit for Nigel to mould into a promotion chasing side. He turned players with limitations in the past into a force to be reckoned with, so why not now?

Pearson seems content to deal with those he knows, rather than take a few chances. The same obstacle he needs to overcome tactically when we are top in a game, and end up soaking up defensively until we concede.

Anyone would think we didn’t have decent players on our books. There’s a ‘that’ll do attitude’ to some of his tactics.

Pushing up the Lazies


Beckford as I’ve said before will always have been a scapegoat once goals dry up or don’t materialise.

To me yesterday he had little to feed off of. Crosses were wayward, and corners ineffectual.

What there is no excuse for, is trying to be a hero to win the fans favour and missing opportunities to deliver a ball to a teammate who has a better opportunity to score than yourself. This was a terrible error yesterday as Danns was open, yet he belted it into an oncoming defender.

Strikers have tendency to be selfish, but can afford to be selfish when in a good vein of form, as for all those missed there will be a glut of ones that will go in. But Beckford needs to try that little bit harder to perhaps remember that there are others on the pitch when he gets the ball. He’s trying to hard and fluffing it.

I think he will get goals in time, but those who are claiming he’s a waste of space don’t realise what he can offer if we have something to feed him delivery wise. That’s how he faired extremely well at Leeds. I was following his progress there and had plenty of discussions about him and his personality on the pitch and within the team.

Time to fix up

It’s time Pearson starting thinking a little less rigidly, and for the players to get a bit of rotation, with those on the sidelines given the opportunity to do and prove something, as there’s a stagnation in choosing the ‘old school’ reliable players he knows. They are slowly proving to be less than reliable.

Posh showed yesterday that they were willing to throw themselves at the cause, and gained for it. Our killer instinct was extinguished once we scored a goal.

There is another tricky game ahead against Doncaster, who despite their ranks in the table have proven at home they can defeat even Southampton, and keep a clean sheet.

Then two more home games against Ipswich and then Portsmouth.

After yesterday’s performance the result against Hull, I want to remain optimistic and I’m sure the sole reason Pearson gets up in the morning is to prove me wrong, I’m not sure if we can muster wins, which at home will put the falcon amongst the pigeons.

Maybe a bit of this before the game might in order:

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BTW I saw that someone tweeted that I might be Lloyd Dyer yesterday. I hope that wasn’t a comparable, as I do have plenty of stamina, but can’t finish. My wife can attest. Ahem!

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