Where Do We Go From Here?

I can’t say how disappointed I was yesterday on the news of Sven being sacked. I genuinely felt gutted on a scale I’ve not felt for some time.

I’ve read through the variety of posts and opinions over the duration of his tenure, and some of them have been ludicrous and extreme in disposition.

Some stated that Sven would take us to the Premiership, and some stated that he would take us back to League One.

What I don’t understand amongst some fans is that an opinion has formed that Sven has been at the helm for the last year and achieved nothing. Remarkably they always forget that during that year, that there was an entire transfer window, and virtually an entire re-staffing of the squad. Can Sven really be held accountable when in all seriousness the squad was entirely different come the start of the season?

I’ve been of the argument that Sven should have expected his squad to come together by October, and I’ve stuck by that train of thought. I saw a plan that was long-term. Yes there were issues and problems, some Sven made himself, and others that were out of his hands.

There are of course those that say Sven never brought in any wingers and failed to see our shortcomings and address this accordingly.

My view is that Sven did seek wingers, but couldn’t bring them to the club or the ones available simply weren’t good enough. Kebe, for example, was never going to leave Reading, as he was a prized asset, and they were never going to let us asset-strip their club, regardless of what money we had to throw at them. We had only just bought out their captain. And from my point of view is that Kebe is no better than what we already have in Dyer. Who has his strengths, but has limitations too.

All these falsities and speculations about what Sven ‘clearly didn’t do’, have absolutely no idea what has happened, or what Sven did or didn’t try to do. Now they speculating about what has happened in the dressing room.

There’s no doubt that the Milwall was a dreadful result, and that we could and should be playing more consistently to reach our aims. But those saying we are no where near achieving that, forget that we still have 33 games to play, and are 2 points off the playoffs.

I still believe that given the time, we would be competitive under Sven, there were signs that it was possible, though sometimes some players seemed disorganised and disinterested. Those players know who they are, and they need to have a word with themselves, or those who do care should.

So where does it leave us? What options are being mooted?

There’s the normal managerial ‘out-of-jobs’ being listed, the ridiculous names, and then some sensible options.

The bookies have Martin O’Neil and Mark Hughes in the frame.

Firstly I wonder how the players who have spent time under his helm will take to his potential appointment. How many of them got chances, support, or flourished under his watch? What does Sparky know about the CCC? I fear very little. His achievements hardly have set the world alight, but there are certainly worse managers out there.

Those who’ve stated that Billy Davies would get us playing must be insane. Just have a look at what happened at Derby and their brief and embarrassing trip to the Premiership, and then take a little look at his journey to Forrest. Consecutive playoffs you say? Three years of serious spending and nothing more than playoffs is probably a more an apt of looking at his tenure.

Then there is Martin ‘Speaketh No Ill’ O’Neill. Do we really want to take the opportunity of spoiling any positive memories in recent years by taking Martin back, and for it to potentially turn sour?

I would be delighted if he came back and lifted us back in to the Premiership, but looking at Villa, and the work that was undertaken there, he had 3 years of spending big, building a team of youth and potential, for them to turn their back on him in his fourth and final year.

This leaves me in a quandary. A mire of confusion. I didn’t expect the likes of Sven to come to our beloved club, so could we end up with another leftfield leader coming forth?


All I know is that I want the players to buck up their ideas, and support the manager 100% and then the fans will get behind them for the rest of the season and we might still make the cut come the final chapter of season.

We’re not that far off, and given the right appointment, we should look forward, and not back.

Sven you are a gentleman, and I thank you for taking part in Leicester City’s history, and giving me and other fans hope.


Good luck in whatever you go on to Sven!

In football sometimes there are no surprises…

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8 Responses to Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. Laura says:

    After having lived in Thailand for three years, I can tell you that I will be seriously surprised if the next manager is not someone who is renowned worldwide. Sven was that man for the last year, and to see him dropped so suddenly also shocked me – not least because, has Leicester won against Millwall, we would have been 2nd in the league. But then, visit Thailand and you will see that 2 + 2 doesn’t = 5.

    Any way I’m not here to Thai Bash but I do think that the manager they appoint will be someone who is well known abroad… and I hope to god that I am not wrong – after all if Billy Davies does get the job, I would be gutted.

    • sphericalfox says:

      If we get Billy no mates I’m considering following Man City, they seem the ‘in-team’ at the minute 😉

      • Laura says:

        My husband is a Forest fan so I used to follow the Forest news even though I couldn’t care less. No word of a lie – even when Forest lost Billy would be doing a media interview saying how “delighted” he was. I doubt there are any interviews where he wasn’t “delighted”.

        I won’t change clubs lol but I really will be completely gutted. I can’t see it happening though – the Thais are all about looking good and he doesn’t fit in with their logic.

      • sphericalfox says:

        My sympathies are with you, I’m sure he’s worth it 😉 I hope you are right about a name, but I fear the cycle of cynics amongst our fans of anything different will just bring us full circle again.

  2. john. says:

    Feel bewildered by it all, I bet sven does too….A destructive decision at the wrong time IMHO…I suppose time will tell,but it feels like grounhog day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    this decision wont be so much about football, but business. The thai’s have said they want a big name and im not sure any of the ones banded about fit the bill ? What about klinsman ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tbh I have to say im happy Sven is gone, our performances were painfull yes painfull to watch most of the time, Birmingham away was dire. Yes as you said there were glimpses every now and again that things were coming together but when we were bad we were very bad. With Sven putting out sides with no wingers the team ended up running out of ideas very quickly, we have a team that can easily open up any team in this division but with no wingers we played in to the hands of poor teams like Millwall Barnsley and Bristol. If we kept on to Sven I dont think we would have got promotion come May, I’m not a Sven hater im sorry it didn’t work out but thats the problem it wasn’t working out:(..I’d like to finish by thanking Sven for his hard work over the last 12 months and wish him the best in the future he is a gentleman.

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