Karat Not The Stick

So I’ve been in hibernation ever since April blog-wise. I’ve spent my time, and a lot of it, discussing  LCFC matters, individual transfer targets, rumours, insanity, spelling and grammar, and of course the players arriving and what they can bring to the team.

Now I’m back, it’ll take me awhile to settle back in the blog-seat and actually have some structure to anything finger to plastic. So bear with me I’m rusty and will go off on tangents.

For those who haven’t read my babblings before, welcome! For those who have, you must be gluttons for punishment!

All this period of transfer transition has been pretty tiring stuff to be honest. The speculation has been unbearable. We seem to be making enemies amongst other teams as Sven shows mo’ money to their clubs and players.

I got me thinking really about the money aspect, how Sven has operated in the past, his clinging media image, and of course other fans of the game’s low opinion of him.

As managers go it is fair to say we’ve had our share numerically, and certainly each one has brought their own style of management.

Now we have Sven bringing a team together that fits his style. Players that we hope will bring strengths to the team that are not necessarily apparent, or are not easily attributable to Football Manager (FM11) 2011-12. Something that Sven can see or has been told that gives that player an edge which combined with the 11 other within a starting line-up will cope and handle the pressures of each match, and the overhanging weight of expectation of the owners, Sven as their manager, and most importantly…the fans.

Of course the team isn’t complete and is still a work in progress, but can we guess to how Sven has attracted those to the club, and kept the players who are here, and under pressure positionally within the team?

It’s no misdirected assumption that the players we have brought in will be on heavily weighted fat bonus based promises in cash money on top of the profoundly absurd wage they will have deposited monthly into bulging bank accounts in the Seychelles.

Now don’t get me wrong, somehow the industry has built itself into this monster, and I don’t morally believe it’s right, and unless somehow we adopt American Football’s system of wage caps and transfers it’ll only get worse, but let’s make any drastic changes and make our marches on Parliament and the FA headquarters in Soho Square in a few years time, when with Sven’s charge we are at least established in the Premiership, and have enough income to support ourselves here and in the East. I for one don’t want to come across as a hypocrite, I am currently morally outraged, but I’ll turn the other cheek for a while.

Sven’s managerial style if probably indicative of the modern game of football, more so than say Alex Ferguson.

Sven’s approach is the softly-softly measured encouragement and I believe addressing of the errors and making the player truly understand the mistake by laying it out before them.

I think we have been used to a different type of manager the majority of the time since Martin O’Neill. Some has been simply wet, others robotic, and some backwards. We’ve had shouters, Mars bar dealers, blind and some, and some erratic and borderline bi-polar. This is disconcerting as fan.

I’ve looked down and sometimes I find myself pinching myself. My arse is raw red. I don’t know why subconsciously I’ve been pinching myself there, but at least it’s when I’ve got clothes on. I can take the disparaging stares. The disapproving shrugs, disgusted rolled eyes, and indifference of the NOTW reader. It’s water off a duck’s umbrella in the blazing sunshine soaked rain cloud. But I digress.

Sven is every player’s best friend, or so he wants to achieve.  Sven has coincidentally built a team of players who have already mostly played together, already or know each other personally. Half the hard work is done. Sven gets the trust of the stronger character and so falls into line his friend.

We were missing something last season, and it was cohesion and a decent preseason. We will find both this season in abundance comparably to the last. So far in the 1st team selection we’ve had a team that passes, it seems, slicker smoother, faster, and more accurately than before. Of course the real test is in a league match, but the fundamentals are there for sure for show for all to see.

And soon a large benefit will approach for fan and player. The Real Madrid game. As much as some people I have read and heard from are playing the indifferent card, this is going to be a great incentive for the team to show the other teams in the league our force to be reckoned with. Now as I typed that I realise that we might fall apart and get dicked 6-1, but I have a gut feeling that we are going to see a good game of football, which will have a lot of admiring and jealous eyes upon us.

So can’t the stick method work?

Pearson had a measure of perhaps both. Pearson had a great ability as boost player’s confidence, and play out of their skins on occasion. But I think he wasn’t so quietly spoken behind closed doors. It could have been argued that he had a nice simmering temper just below the surface. It’s conjecture and proposing I know, but we’ve all seen him work magic on players, but I think his methods were not progressive, and was going to be limited, especially to the type of players that might succeed under his tutorage.

The same might be said about Sven, but I think he wants his players to be flexible, adaptable, and dare I say this without offending past and maybe current players, intelligent individuals. It’s a different type of intelligence on the pitch, and Sven recognises it in his players. I think we will see this difference this season.

The prize for the team and the player’s hasn’t really changed. Get to the Premiership, get bonuses, and higher wages for doing so, and challenge yourself professionally against the best. How to get there has.

There are plenty of people that believe that the way we are going about it is deplorable and club with a history of players who played out of their skin, who weren’t considered big names, or even remotely appealing to other teams, came and succeeded against the odds. We are no longer the underdog. I guess I have always liked that about us. Something we can all either associate with, or feel represented by. How do I find that connection now?

Well in my book, should you work in any industry in a capitalist world then usually you’ll find that the carrot of bonuses and salary based on performance and success usually works better than shoestring, tightness, and paltry benefits. There’s only so much a good manager can do and take the workforce forward before they either move on or become disinterested.

I won’t touch upon formations until Sven has brought in all the players for his core team, as I know he’ll end up making me look like an idiot, and that’s not hard. All I will say is that Sven will be using a rotational policy as advised through Andy King, and we hopefully will have the physical legs to make it up and through Christmas and beyond, where we lagged in the latter of 2010-2011.

I will also be readdressing our competition for promotion, and relooking at my prediction of who would be in the mix in my previous article ‘Much Ado About Everything’.

I have been excited this off season. It’s far from over yet. Have you got any feeling about management style and whether Sven’s will be able to maintain success and performance over a long CCC fixture list?

I’ll return to discuss the team in more depth, and the new transfers that have come in, and a separate article talking about our competitors in the league.

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3 Responses to Karat Not The Stick

  1. NorthernFox says:

    Good read, made me smile more than once, looking forward to more…

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