Cry Me A River(side)

Yesterday’s result can have strangely been all the more palatable should all the team who are also fighting to reach the playoffs won their important matches. But no, Leicester fans have several more weeks of torturous mathematical possibilities ahead of us. Wouldn’t it be better if we just knew that the season was over, and we could take that niggling thread of possibility and ounce of optimism and crush it once and for good?

I think yesterday’s game has summed up our season all within 90 minutes, and not forgetting the referee’s magic 6 additional minutes.

We posed an attacking threat. We conceded very easily. We suffered in the hands of refereeing incompetence. We failed to achieve our goal.

I laughed when Yakubu scored his first goal. I shrugged when he got his second. I even dared to dream that this might be game where we show utter domination and drill numerous goals past a distraught and crumbling opposition.

This daydream soon disappeared when they scored their first goal. I knew at the back of my mind that the only crumbling would inevitably be the visiting side, ourselves. It seems this end of the season is more an enduring nightmare than a grandiose dream. What makes things worse is knowing that we’ll have to wait to the summer for this issues to be properly addressed.

I for one cannot wait for us to have a proper reserve team, and a team and formation that Sven wants to play, rather than a formation forced to play due to the type of players he has inherited. He will have time to experiment in friendlies and a reserve league. Not on the pitch.

It rather makes me giggle when I see people demanding that Sven look to Championship talent this summer, such as Danny Graham for example. They are going to be sadly disappointed. Not that the owners wouldn’t sanction the money for this type of player, but the fact that it seems that these people seem to take it for granted that another Championship team will want to sell their best players to a rival team. Whilst that particular player is from a team under heavy financial pressure, why would they sell to a team in the Championship, when are plenty of suitors in the Premiership. Some of the names are bandied about are absurd. Even players from teams that are heading for promotion.

Now I am not giving up on this season. There’s games to play, and at best if we are not going up, we can take valuable points away from Nothingham to deny them a place too. Bitchy you say. Not at all. Just trying to see the silver lining of this current cloud. Does anyone think that Nothingham will be able to cope with another year of spending money they don’t have if they don’t make it to the Premiership? Billy Baggins will not be stopping around, as he doesn’t like it when the pennies get pinched.

Whilst the weather is little bit shitty at the minute, there is always the brighter side forthcoming.

For those who think this year has been a waste, and an expensive learning curve for our manager. Then so be it. I can imagine he will not be making these mistakes again. For those who think that any manager could have and would have turned our handful of beans into a magic Premiership beanstalk then I think I’d disagree. Whilst I can’t say it’s been a triumphant season, it has not been a disaster. Look to Coventry and Derby for unmitigated misery and think the season and future seasons that they have to look forward to.

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