Ginger Mourinho

Surprisingly ‘Ginger Mourinho’ was voted top of the articles requested for me to write. Now this suggests two things to me. We are still obsessed by all things Milan, or we are wondering why, given the chance to get his career back on track, Smeggy couldn’t wait to jump ship after Milan gave him a golden opportunity, to shoot off and destroy all the hard work Sam Allardyce had put in place at Bolton.

And stranger still that both of them should come together again at Sheffield Wednesday.

If you’ve read previously some of my articles, you’ll know that I have a soft spot for Wednesday, having lived in Sheffield for many years, and have friends who are Owls, and didn’t quite like the attitude of Blades fans. I had great hope for Owls to bounce back when relegated. Prior to Milan’s purchase they had brought in a competent manager in Alan Irvine, and had acquired a good few players who could strengthen a depleted squad after being robbed of the higher quality players they had once they made the drop.

So when Milan came in and bought them in the same fashion as Leicester, I thought they would have a good basis to build on and find some momentum to reach the playoffs as they were slipping slowly down the table with some shocking results.

Alan got the boot after Milan listened to the disparaging voices of the fans. Something we know all too well is Milan’s attention to the fans. We avoided Neil Warnock by this method, and who can say other than QPR, who isn’t happy that didn’t come to fruition?

When Gingerspiteus took over, my first reaction was that he will change their formation to as he did for Leicester and ‘close up shop’. Enforcing a rule of entertainlessness, dull football, and draining any confidence that football might be played for the club ever again.

Now I don’t live in Sheffield anymore so it’s very difficult to gauge a real consensus of thought for their club, but it seems to me for my vantage point that Ginger Mourinho is not doing the business.

The Ginge is a consolidation manager. What has he actually achieved in his illustrious career in management other than have one good year at West Brom and ride the Nothinham’s down into League One? There’s no bitterness for him shooting off from Leicester to manage in the Premiership and dismantle Bolton’s team and work ethic in a haphazard fashion, and ultimately get the sack. But as you voted for this topic I thought I’d give a breakdown of The Ginger Marauder’s managerial career, and how Milan has once again made another mistake.

Let’s review his history:

  • Norwich City (1995-1996) – Sacked
  • Blackpool (1996) – Failed to reach Division Two playoffs – jumped ship
  • Stockport County (1997) – Failed to reach Division One playoffs – left by mutual consent
  • Stoke (1999) – Given heave-ho by new owners very quickly
  • West Bromwich Albion – (2000 – 2004) – Managed to get West Brom to Premiership, but sacked as he was playing games over his contract, and had a poor start to the 2004 campaign
  • Nothingham Florists (2005 – 2006) – Successfully sent the Nothinham into the mire of League One, which they would stay for several years to come. Resigned due to pressure from their fans.
  • Leicester City (2007) – After being given a lifeline at Stoke as a coach by Tony Pulis, Milan decided to appoint Smeggy as he ‘had a wealth of experience’. Interesting a win over Sheffield Wednesday was his first success.
  • Bolton Wanderers (2007 – 2009) – Went to Bolton knowing he was not first choice and after being given a chance to get back into management by Leicester left us high and dry. Managed to keep Bolton fixed to the bottom of the Prem table and just escape relegation in his first year. Managed a miracle and got Bolton to finish 13th in his second season after spending good money on transfers. Third season managed to get Bolton back to more comfortable grounding and back to a relegation battle. Put on garden leave.
  • Sheffield Wednesday (2011) – After several years in the wilderness Milan Mandaric gives Smeggy a job again, after sacking Alan Irvine. Wednesday are currently 16th in League One and 12pts off the playoffs.

Has Milan made another big mistake? I think he has. Surely there were better candidates out there than Megson or the other motley crew of Dowie, Reid, and the dozen other no hopers.

It seems to me that there will be a giant derby to come next year in League One. I feel it’ll get even harder for those who do go down to try fight their way out of that league as it is in the Championship.

I do wish the Owls well, but Milan in my opinion has dropped a bollock hiring a ginge with no soul. Financially they’ll be fine, and maybe Milan will hold fire with Smeggy and give him an opportunity to build over the summer, but the fans will soon lose patience with his tactics and the players he will bring in. Any hope or excitement will dry up and this can only be a disaster for their club. All the excitement of a takeover has died down. Milan has put the honeymoon period to its deathbed by appointing The Smeg.

I hope for the sake of their fans they give voice to Milan and he listens, otherwise there will be many painful years of League One ahead,, with an inevitable pullout by a disheartened Mandaric.

If Foxes or Owls agree/disagree with me then please do share your thoughts below.

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