Dodging the Bullet?

Well, I had my misgivings about our new owners, and how they would conduct themselves with our club. But I am glad that certainly on the surface they are not forcing changes and the hand of our manager to bring in players for marketing purposes, and allowing Sven to get on with his job.

We could easily be in the position of the Lancastrian Rovers and their chicken lubbin owners, or they could be like the bubble bursting owners in Hammertown.

The latter came in with big ideas, and seemingly quite wealthy. They came in from Asia with no experience of any type of football, or how to run a club. Reportedly, they told their manager, Sam Allardyce that he would be given a warchest of £6 million. I don’t remember what position they were in, but I know it was upper mid-table. Any kind of push up the table would be difficult without a considerable amount of funding absent for many years at Ewood Park. Allardyce was subsequently fired. I don’t know the details of this but I imagine it was his reaction to their demands. They put in place a caretaker, Steve Kean, who after deciding they were going to bring a big name manager to the club, such as Rafa Benitez and failing to do so, they decided that sticking with Kean would be better and now he’s on a long contract. Now I’m not suggesting that this had to do with the cost, and the fact that Kean would be stupid to turn down any Premiership role offered to him. But after several media bloopers, telling the world they were going to sign Ronaldinho, and then denying it, and then saying they were, and then laughably Ronaldinho, went to Brazil instead, one has to consider where the Rovers are heading. I don’t know much about Kean’s abilities, or his pulling power in relation to bringing in the big name players, but all the money in the world will not get them to sign if they are playing under an amateur professional manager with no real experience and a puppetmaster to the whims and fancies of incompetent owners.

Speaking of incompetence, it seems that the bubble has burst at West Ham. Owners willing to try and get their manager to quit by dropping the name of the man to replace him, whilst also saying that his job is safe. Whatever can be said of Milan and the Pearson debacle, surely this is more despicable.

We should be grateful that we don’t have owners like at Blackburn. They are showing exactly how not to run a club, and by the end of it, I think they will tick all the boxes. Arrogant, attention seeking, incompetent, and extremely distasteful. I feel sorry for the fans, as they may have been expecting someone to come and save them, and then they find themselves owned by a bunch of comedians, who I think will embarrass their club further and they could find themselves in a worse position for their takeover. Now maybe I am speaking too soon, and perhaps behind closed doors there are pressures not apparent on Sven or the players, but I feel we are lucky to have avoided a worse fate, and hopefully this steady, consistent, and quiet support will continue for years to come.

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1 Response to Dodging the Bullet?

  1. I think one of the main differences is that Blackburn and West Ham are already in the prem and we aren’t so the pressures are different. Buying in to Leicester on the cheap in the Championship has a reasonable chance of a good return with the potential supporter base and TV rights if we can establish in the premiership, that potential return presumably means a little more patience. It’s hard to see much business justifcation for buying Blackburn or West Ham when there is a lot of risk to the investment (relegation would hammer their valuations) and little upside without massive investment on a much greater scale than we need (getting either of those into the Champions League would be a lot harder than getting us into the prem). Just think it means a different type of owner with different aspirations. I’m pretty pleased with Top and co so far but I do worry about what things might be like if we don’t get promoted this year or worst case look nailed on certainties for it by Christmas.

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