Billy’s Time Team

Bright tailed and bushy eyed, I am hoping to get some sleep this weekend in anticipation of a benchmark game against the mighty, and never so-arrogant Nothinghams on Monday night.

Visted by so many archaeologists in one go, I don’t know if Leicester Abbey will take their numbers, and the only Romans they will uncover will be contribution of our own loaned Bednar.

Of course they’ll bring their own ancient history and no doubt the Time Team to do a sketch or painting of Tony Robinson standing in their hole discussing how primitive and simple the people of Nothingham were, of course not knowing that he just needed a camera in the town centre to show the leg-dragging population in action.

Though in all seriousness, I am sure the flux capacitors on the coaches manage to limp onto the motorway, they will reach 88mph – flinging the vehicles 20 years in the future to our present day, where they can wonder and gawp at modernity and progression. Back to the future indeed!

I am looking forward to watching the wizened dwarf hobbit on the sidelines hollering at the officials for not letting the Nothinghams get their own way.

I think there’s an opportunity to do the treble this season. Dourby, Chaventry & Nothingham? I think it’s a good possibility with the team we’ve now got. Though we’ll have to wait until February to complete the hat-trick.

I do hope to see a repeat of the Dourby game. Confidence, control and constant pressure.

Bednar will want to impress, and cement a 1st team place, so his loan can potentially gain him a permanent deal. He’s a Class A(ct). Kirkland will be aiming to do the same, and both have intimated this in interviews which is good news, and will put more pressure on the others competing for positions, which in theory will benefit the team, and improve us even further.

I am still unsure whether Fryatt will make anything of his self before the January transfer window. I’d like to think he’ll gel with Bednar and they’ll be a partnership to fear, but that’ll be wishful thinking.

I do hope for a decent game, but of course a result our way, and I do imagine I will be bitching about the coverage we’ll get during and following the game.


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