Leicester City Gossip & Rumours

Leicester City Gossip

I will be doing my best to update daily any rumours and gossip related to Leicester City FC in this article.

If you have any news gossip that I’ve missed then please let me know!

16.11.10 –

David Beckham & Santa Cruz in on loan. (This one appeared on several sites, and have gained more attention once again through football forums)

16.11.10 –

Milan Mandaric has put in a ‘derisory’ bid for ownership of Sheffield Wednesday. Rumour that his has put in an increased bid later in the afternoon – unsubstantiated.

18.11.10 –

Rumour has it that Chris Kirkland of Wigan is heading this way on loan with a potential permanent deal in January – unsubstantiated. (the physios are warming their tables as we speak) πŸ˜‰

22.11.10 –

Mardy Fryatt holds talks about loan to Reading – likely or off to Hull

03.11.10 –

Robbie Keane on loan from Spurs – This one has been brewing since October. Though rumour has it that Robbie is interested in permanent move. Spurs will want a bidding war to generate a bit of income from him. This one goes in the ‘not going to happen’ folder.

I knew I wouldn’t have time to update this regularly!

21.12.10 –

Gary O’Neil on his way in January? – Not bad but ‘Boro may be asking for too much

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14 Responses to Leicester City Gossip & Rumours

  1. RoyalBlueFox says:

    Would Love Santa to come and Beckham is just a dream. I think MM has given the Sheff Wed chairman to think about his offer. BTW I love most of your articles πŸ˜€

  2. RoyalBlueFox says:

    Oh and i just wanted to ask can you become and member or user on this site.


    • sphericalfox says:

      How do you mean? you can subscribe and it will send you an email to let you know if there are any updates. Not sure if that answers your question. I don’t think you have to register to do that.

  3. RoyalBlueFox says:

    Keep The Good Articles Coming:D

    Anyway i mean can you register and make your own article and stuff.


  4. RoyalBlueFox says:

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  5. RoyalBlueFox says:

    I will try that but, i meant can you sign up for your website and make your own articles on your Website???

    • sphericalfox says:

      Hi RoyalBlue,

      Sorry about the delay, been kept away from the web a bit. In regard to your question, I’m afraid I currently am a lone fox on this blog. I did consider joining one of the other blogs and contributing that way, but I am a difficult one to please, hence being a Leicester fan! I don’t have the time to edit my own stuff, don’t mind other contributors at the minute. All my stuff goes out in rough draft! So cheers for the offer, but I’m sticking it alone on the blog. Though I am happy for you to post stuff into the Spherical Fox Facebook discussion page unedited. I know that’s not the same, but I am keen for it to get up and running a bit smarter like. Could do with a bit more exposure about Facebook though, and I am tight for time at the minute. So any help is most gratefully accepted.

      I am hoping to get something else posted up if I get a minute this weekend.


  6. RoyalBlueFox says:

    Ok Cheers Mate πŸ˜€

  7. RoyalBlueFox says:

    BTW I will be setting up my own blog soon and was hoping that you help contribute and write articles.


  8. RoyalBlueFox says:

    If you are interested or have any artcile ideas pleas email me at: lcfcrule@gmail.com


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