shared by a Japanese friend

In a bid to celebrate and further welcome Yuki Abe into Leicester City fans’ hearts, I have done my best to find out more information about Yuki, so that he can feel more at home, and his improvement on the pitch, though is excellent, will be all the more so.

So he feels at home, let’s sing one or both of the chants below at the next two home games!

In his farewell match for Urawa Reds (which are considered the Manchester United of the J-League), you will find below a links to two youtube clips where fans sing to him.

0:36-6:07 is just

Abe Yuki ole!!


Sa sekai o you ra se (Go shake the world)

Ore ra no Abe Yuki (Our Yuki Abe)

lalalala Urawa

lalala Urawa Reds

Of course we can lose the last two lines and improvise something else, if needs be. But the Japanese is very easy to pronounce, and imagine the look on his face!

Here’s another clip of Yuki Abe and the Abe Yuki ole chant when taking a fine penalty.

The think we have a brilliant player on our hands, who will only improve this season and into the future.

I think the Abe Yuki ole chant is definitely easy, the other would be excellent if picked up, if not just the second line!


Any feedback is welcome!

If I find out anything more I will post it here!

If you have a specific question, I can ask and see if I can find the answer for you!




On a funny side note:


Check this out!  Genki Sudo a former mixed marital artist gone pop star!

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2 Responses to YUKI ABE! GIVE US A WAVE!

  1. sphericalfox says:


    Let’s hear it round the Walkers, eh?

  2. sphericalfox says:

    If anyone wants to record a video at the match of the chant in action from your angle at the Walkers then please do share it!

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