Catchy Pun-based Title for First Blog Article

Following up from Leicester’s defeat at home to West Brom in the Carling Cup, surprisingly the mood amongst fans has been slightly indifferent. This may be said was evident in the attendance, but I won’t be discussing the ticket prices in this article.

How can a 4 – 1 defeat be rationalised?

Well I couldn’t attend, and had the unpleasant experience of listening to the Jacqui loves to Boing Boing all day long while Kevin Kilbane is prompted to discuss inanities whilst something actually happens within the game on the dependable Radio Beeb. I shall save the discussion on the media’s exasperating depiction of our beloved team for another article.

How I saw the line –up. West Brom put out a strong Championship team, which could easily compete with anyone in a League match. This was a reserve team full of hopefuls eager to please Mr. Di Matteo and play ball on the centre stage of the Premiership. This team was going to be no push over, and actually shows potentially a team with a half decent back-up team in the Premiership. They may well stay up and good luck to them.

The team, though hindered by a few injuries and cup tied players, I believe was always going to be populated by our reserves. Sven could not afford any injuries, and wanted to see how competitive our second side could be, giving the players a clear opportunity to show their willingness and determination to succeed and be part of the Leicester squad heading for better things.

Now a few players did this. Moussa, in my view has been determined to show his worth since he arrived, and I think Sven noted this. Abe is struggling with communication methinks. He won’t be a settled player, if ever, until his English becomes better, and his understanding of the players around his increases.

Apparently Vitor was praised for his efforts. I think this lad’s endeavour is commendable, and considering that Sousa has gone, could easily put the big pout on, bag in hand at East Midlands. Do flights go to Portugal from EMA? Anyways.

I think Lamey will be sold/loaned at the very next opportunity. His performances have never been above awful.

I suppose the less said about Conrad Logan the better. It can be argued that everyone has a bad game, or that even keepers have bad stints. From what I am gathering after the resigning of Ikeme on loan by Sven, that there are few goalkeepers out there at the moment available for loan, but Logan’s number is up. Whilst he is young, and certainly bulked out over the last couple of years, he does not fill me, or likely the defence with any confidence when between the sticks. That said, I would not have extended Ikeme’s loan either, but there may just well be a reason for that. Goalkeeper availability being the primary one. His positioning is highly questionable.

So what exactly does this Cup indicate for Leicester City for the rest of the season?

Well my belief is even under Sousa, who I think should have been given more time, but now under the wing of Sven, and the attractiveness that he can offer (and wage’s of course) to potential signings, we were always aiming for midtable. We were always going to be building a platform for next year’s ascension to the Premiership. We achieved the unthinkable last season on the momentum from our success in League One. Just as other teams are demonstrating this season. Norwich, and Millwall are rolling forward on what the enthusiasm and confidence from their previous season. Leeds are not too far behind them, but are currently in a dip of form.

The new owners may well be demanding Premiership this season, but I do wonder whether this is what they feel they must say this, so as not to disappoint their shareholders and prospective Asian fans. The truth is we will be lucky to gain a playoff place, and this was going to be the case under Pearson, Sousa or Sven.

Expectation is a cruel beast which can easily pull the most hardened of us into its grasp of wishful thinking. I hope that Sven is given the time to build a true foundation, and when we do indeed achieve nothing more than a team to build upon and miss out on the playoffs, that next season Leicester will truly become a monster to be reckoned with.

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